Selling your house due to divorce - What You Need To Know

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If selling your house is the only option for you to move on, then it would be a smart move to selling it fast.

- Vivian Lee, 10 years experience in real estate

3 Tips for divorcing couple as you are preparing selling of your flat

Tips #01
Engage the right agent who has experience in dealing with divorce in selling HDB flats

While everyone hopes to have a quick and easy home sale but unfortunately the process of selling house can sometime leads to disagreement, confusion, tension or even frustration. Engage the right agent while going through a divorce can make the difference between the home sale being successful and smooth or neither.

He or she must

  • Understand the importance of a quick sale while maximising the sale price.
  • Knows how to handle stressful situations that can arise when selling a home during a divorce.
  • Familiar with HDB sales processes involving divorce

Tips #02
Do your math

Work out your finances before selling your house is extremely important. You would not want to end up in the street after selling your house.

Also bear in mind all of the costs associated with selling your home, and how those are going to be split between you and your ex-spouse.

Don't drag too long in selling your house. The following interest is 'eating away' your cash proceeds.

  • Mortgage interest (regardless if you are on HDB loan or bank loan)
  • CPF accrued interest

Tips #03
Letting go & embracing new beginning

Selling your home and getting a divorced are known to be the two most stressful events you can go through.

Yet, it's important to pause and look forward to the next stage ~ the freedom of being single again.

The faster your flat is sold at a good price, the faster you can move on.

Yes, there is life after divorce.

Our Thoughts

Selling a HDB flat during divorce is never that straightforward or simple. Every family situation is different and you will need to get right advice relates to your specific situation.

Its never easy to sell a house if you are not in good terms with your ex-spouse and some mediation might be helpful.

Speak with us to learn more about selling your home and how we can assist you in moving on.

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I was divorced about 3 years ago and I have been trying extremely hard to sell my house but my ex was uncooperative and kept giving me excuses not to sell the house, despite there was a Court Order to sell my house. Many other agents were not able to help me due to my ex's behaviour.

Team SmallDot given me the right advise, helped me market the house & get my house sold (without viewing)! Long story short, it was finally sold & I can finally move on.

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